Jason Owen

Creative Director at Spine Media

Beatrice has worked for Spine Media as a freelance writer. Her work demonstrates an acute attention to detail, listening to and following directives, as well as possessing a distinct creative voice. Beatrice has shown her ability to meet deadlines when asked and has always maintained a high level of professionalism. Any organization would benefit from her enthusiasm and skill within their team.

Lucus Carlson

Editor in Chief at List25

I've had the pleasure of working with Beatrice sense she started as an intern in 2018. Her passion and dedication quickly earned her a spot as a contributing writer for our publication. Not only does she demonstrate a high level of leadership but she also has a remarkable vision for creativity. Beatrice's work ethic, positive attitude and adaptability make her an ideal candidate for any organization. 

Kevin Petrich 

Director of South Florida Journal

I’ve been struck by Beatrice Silva’s initiative and professionalism. In Broadcast Journalism, Beatrice has excelled in cultivating credible sources, teasing out interesting angles, and producing stories that are both intelligent and engaging.  Her first assignment was a piece focused on Broward County Commissioners’ consideration of a legal challenge to a federal ban on sanctuary cities.  When Broward commissioners couldn’t be reached for comment, Beatrice interviewed a county attorney and a community liaison to provide the Broward Commission’s perspective.  She also interviewed a commissioner from South Miami, whose lawsuit was a catalyst for Broward’s discussions.  Beatrice’s work resulted in an outstanding story and demonstrated a remarkable degree of research, creativity, and preparation.

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