Best practices for sustainable business growth in a post-pandemic world

3 min read September 2020 — Coming off a record economic year for the Philadelphia region, no one could have ever predicted the hurricane that is COVID-19. Crawling through the muddied trenches of lost revenue, businesses are having to find a way out. To promote sustainable business growth in a post-pandemic world, companies across all sectors are making tough decisions and developing innovative strategies.

An Inside Look at Infamous Drug Lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán

3 min read July 2019 — Joaquín Guzmán, also known as “El Chapo,” was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years. The Mexican drug lord was known as a ruthless bloodthirsty leader. Guzmán was convicted of all 10 counts including drug trafficking, firearms charges, cartel violence, criminal enterprise, and money laundering.

Invested in Her Community

3 min read April 2019 — The struggle for families to have basic necessities has hit an all-time high. In Miami, Florida 84% of residents are below the poverty level according to City-Data Forum. For Neyda Hernandez, the 24-year-old founder of Bald Girls Do It Better, growing up in an underprivileged community has molded her into an activist for change.

Florida is in the midst of an aviation renaissance

2 min read September 2020 — Despite a dismal year for the aviation industry, Orlando Melbourne International Airport is experiencing a period of exponential growth. Companies such as Made in Space and Aerion Supersonic have announced plans to relocate their headquarters to central Florida, which will help bring hundreds of jobs to the region. 

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